Report it online

To report a problem online, please click on the relevant link, this will take you to the correct website for reporting online.

Abandoned Vehicle (FHDC) Housing Benefit (FHDC) Street Cleaning (FHDC)
Benefit Fraud (FHDC) Missed Bin Collection (FHDC) Traffic Light Fault (KCC)
Breach in Planning Control (FHDC) Noise Complaint (FHDC) Trader (KCC)
Dead Animal (FHDC) Pavement in Disrepair (KCC) Tree Problems (KCC)
Dog Fouling (FHDC) Potholes (KCC) Used Needles (FHDC)
Drainage/Flooded Road (KCC) Public Toilets (FHDC) Verge Maintenance (KCC)
Fly Tipping (FHDC) Road Signs (KCC)  Winter Service (KCC)
Full or Damaged Bin (FHDC) Road Works (KCC)
Flyposting (FHDC) Street Furniture (FTC)
Graffiti (FHDC) Street Lighting Faults (KCC)